Monday, June 22, 2015

Safety Girl Rides Again

My favorite Halloween was the year I dressed up as Safety Girl. I wore safety boots, safety glasses, some kind of helmet, protective gloves. I had a lot of safety pins. Some condoms. I forget what else. The costume was a hit. No pun intended.

I take this shit seriously, man.

So when I'm riding my bike on these narrow Maine roads, I try to stack the deck in my favor against the texting, smoking, arguing, late-for-work, rooting-around-on-the-floor drivers who are hell bent on dispatching me to my next life. 

In addition to activating my psychic Total Safety and Protection force field, I wear my high-vis gear and I make sure this powerhouse of a light from Origin8 is sending its "don't hit me" signal to all the drunken pickup trucks coming my way.

I love this little thing. It's cute, streamlined, and small, but man, it's bright, with 35 lumens of LED visibility, for whatever that's worth. It has six modes--4 steady, 2 blinking. Charge it up with a standard USB cable. 

I feel naked without it. I think it helps keep me from getting hit. And if it doesn't, at least it leaves 'em without any excuses.

Of course I got mine from Sidecountry Sports. They have a whole bunch.

It's dangerous out there. Go get one! 

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