Monday, June 2, 2014

I hereby shut up about running

Meet Harriette Thompson.

Yesterday at the San Diego Marathon, Ms. Thompson set a world record for her age group. She's 91.

She ran her first marathon when she was 76.

Oh, and she has cancer. Those white tights? Covering the bandages covering her radiation wounds.

That lipstick.

And she's a Thompson! Here's hoping there's something in the name.

Actually, maybe there is. This photo of my mom showed up on Facebook today. She's the middle one on the right.

Good things happening at Vinalhaven Fitness

The 72-year-old one. The one who didn't like what she was hearing about her bone density a few years ago, and instead of going for meds, changed her diet, joined the gym, and got back the bones of a much younger woman.

Here's to you both.

And my earlier wah wah wah about how hard running is? That's so yesterday.

Tomorrow I'm just going to keep shuffling along, with gratitude and maybe some delight.

P.S. I'm beating that guy. 

rest day

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