Saturday, July 26, 2014

If love propels you

Oh, you guys. I have found a whole new kind of gratitude through this thing. No matter what happens tomorrow, this has already been one of the richest, most powerful, humbling experiences of my life. The outpouring of love and support that I have experienced fills my heart--fills every cell with an appreciation so deep that I can't contain it. My hope is that it comes pouring out of me so that someone else might feel this loved. I experienced this feeling once before, when my little niece Phoebe died. To be able to feel such compassion and kindness now, without the overlay of heart-crushing grief, is a privilege beyond measure. 

Thank you for following along, for thinking of me, for asking about the race, for sending me little notes and poems and videos and photos and cards, for making me signs and for shaking my hand. Your words and thoughts are my fuel!

I want to especially acknowledge my "team" for healing and strengthening my body and really making this physically possible: Kate McMorrow and Thrive, Dave Orsmond at Waldo County Sports and Orthopedics who was exceptionally generous with his time, the PT guys at Orthopedic Associates, and my coach, Scott Layton, who has been an invaluable advisor, cheerleader, and font of knowledge. I feel like it's a miracle to be here. Thank you, guys.

My dear Aunt Sue sent me the "feel loved" card pictured at the top. Inside, she wrote, "If love can propel you, you will lead the pack."

It can. It does. I do.

Thank you all, with so much love back to you-

Only 140.6 to go. See ya on the other side. :)

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