Friday, July 11, 2014

Why I think I'll finish

This photo. It makes me sob. Literally: gasping, shaking, streaming tears of relief and joy. I can FEEL that finish line in my cells.

Sometimes on my runs, I'll find myself envisioning the finish, and I can hear the announcer: "Shannon Thompson of Camden, Maine, congratulations!!" The crowds are going wild and I'm overcome with emotion. It's visceral--I'm there. I cry every single time I think about it. And not just because I'm a narcissist.

It's been that way for months, even when my old injuries and my doubt made it look like I wouldn't be able to do this. That finish line scene is so alive for me, so immediate and so real, the emotion so raw and intense, that I can't help but believe it's a big part of a probable future. Who knows? Anything could happen between now and then. But as long as I keep falling apart imagining it, I keep believing I'm going to finish that race.

Strength Training
Swim: 20x25, 20x50, Bike 50
This week totals 22 hours of training. I am so tired of exercising. Just so tired.
Next week we start tapering for real.

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