Friday, July 4, 2014

The longest ride

I've never ridden my bike more than 100 miles in a day, and I've only done that once, so today felt like a big deal. I made it to Bangor the back way and then cruised home on the main roads until Belfast. By Searsport, everything hurt so much I was screaming at my bike, between singing "Who'll Stop the Rain?" at the top of my lungs while getting hammered with wet needles from the sky and laughing my ass off from the joy of it. But I got off that damn thing and I ran 3 miles as I was supposed to, and I felt great. I'm exhausted tonight and can't understand how my body is going to withstand so much more than what I did today. I trust that it will, and honestly, I just can't believe this is happening, that I am able to do this. I bawled my eyes out on the run, thinking about what a miracle it is. I'm the luckiest duck I know.

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