Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fast and easy bowl of wow

Here's how it went down. Got home from work, turned on the oven to 350. Changed into gym clothes. Washed 1c Lundberg Wild Blend rice, put it in an all-metal saucepan with 2 c cold water, covered it and popped it into the oven. Mixed equal parts tamari, toasted sesame oil and agave nectar (you could use maple syrup too) in a big bowl. Cut up two blocks of fresh, local Heiwa tofu and put it in the sauce.

Went to the gym, did my little PT exercises and maybe socialized a bit too much.

Came home an hour later. House smelled like heaven and the rice in the oven was perfectly cooked. Heated sesame oil in a skillet, sauteed some of the tofu. Added fresh local asparagus and fried it up a little, then added some of the tofu marinade, covered the pan, and let it steam for a couple of minutes. Mixed it up in a bowl with some rice, tossed in some microgreens just lovingly grown at Village Farm, and almost died from delight.

It took about ten minutes of actual effort. So good. You should try it. 


  1. This looks like heaven. Thank you so much for sharing, Shannon. I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow!