Sunday, May 18, 2014


My friend Jayme and I caught a lucky weather window today, a few hours of sun and almost-sun and dry roads. My plan called for a three-hour bike ride followed by a 20-minute run on Saturday, but I wimped out and switched up the days. My coach Scott rode 5 hours in the driving rain--which feels like nails in a wind tunnel, by the way, never mind the hypothermia. Today was perfect. No traffic on a Sunday morning, and scenery like this.


What I did: Three hours biking, 44 miles. 20 minute transition run, 2 miles.

What I ate: Peach smoothie (2 fresh peaches, 1 banana, Vega Performance Protein, 1 cup spinach, water, ice.) Workout: EFS Electrolyte mix, Vega Protein Bar, Vega Recovery Accelerator. Lunch: 3 slices leftover fiddlehead pizza. Some snacks in the afternoon, I forget what. Dinner: big bowl of roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes and kale, salted and drizzled with high quality balsamic vinegar. Bowl of granola with almond milk.

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