Thursday, May 22, 2014

The beauty in this world

I had just stopped my bike by the side of the road on Buttermilk Lane in Thomaston to photograph this sky when I got a call from my mom telling me that a very close family member has a malignant tumor.

Lately I've been feeling like I can barely handle the beauty in this world. I almost can't stand it, like I don't have the capacity to absorb it. Sometimes I think that if my perception of the world's profound beauty continues to grow, I will reach a point at which my physical human body just can't contain it and I'll simply de-materialize, return to the spirit world where my expanded consciousness will be capable of comprehending this perfection.

That's pretty much what was running through my head when I pulled over and heard about the cancer, which at first felt so at odds with what I was feeling and seeing--how could the grief in my mother's voice exist in the same scene that had just brought me such elation? And then I thought that's what it's all about, that's the sublime.

This brilliant, divine, perfect light shines on even the ugliest things, like cement plants. And tumors.


Swim: 12x200 easy/fast, 20" rest.
Bike 24 miles, 1:45 minutes. 
Strength training part 1