Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rainbow unicorn fairy sunrise magic bike ride

Right at dawn, before we could even see the sun above the horizon, it was working its magic in a southwest cloud.


That's an osprey out there.
Camden to the Keag R/T, 27 miles, 1:30, 18 MPH


What I did: Modified brick workout, bike, 1:30, elliptical 1:00

What I ate: Workout: chocolate chia ball, EFS electrolyte, Vega recovery accelerator. Breakfast: watermelon ginger kale smoothie (not very good). Lunch: Sweet potato-kale-black bean wrap on Sami's flax and millet lavash, rice crackers with almond butter and honey. Snack: Vega Sport Protein Bar. Dinner: Pad See Ew with tofu.

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